Thursday, August 21, 2014

American Eagle

American Eagle Could Soar Again:

If investors look ahead, what can be great investments for the next year, the focus too often, what were the big winners last year? For example, shares of Google (GOOG) have more than doubled in price in 2013, so, of course, Google is a lot of attention these days as a good investment opportunity.
But the investment in the currently very popular is the most cost-effective measure in the rule. Be the big winners in the future much more likely to share that are popular right now, but go on to represent ownership in large companies.
An example of such a company may be, American Eagle Outfitters (AEOS). American Eagle is suitable for young buyers tend preferences in clothing based on which direction the wind is blowing change.
The stock is down about 30% in the last five months. However, if American Eagle is a very good deal that you can buy to be. Bargain price a high return on investment is virtually guaranteed that a company is good. And American Eagle qualifies you sure that counts. According to my calculations (earnings before interest and taxes divided by net working capital and net fixed assets), return on equity is 48%.
And shares of American Eagle can be purchased at a reasonable price at this time. The earnings yield (earnings before interest and taxes, divided by enterprise value) seems to be about 17%.
A good company at a great price. It is a combination that makes the money for the patient investor. AmericanEagle can fly low at the moment. But look at grow the eagle's.

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